About Me

Hi my name is Britney Young I’m 22yrs old. I was born In St Paul, Minnesota, on April 22nd 1991. My Mom split up from my dad when I was 1, and moved to Hastings for 3yrs. than my Mom met my Step dad, and we moved to Wisconsin for 2 years. By the age of 5 we ended up moving to a small town, Faribault MN. We lived at the same house for 6 years than moved to the other side of Fbo. For middle school I went to Shattuck St Mary’s, and by high school I convinced my parents that a private school wasn’t for me. High school, the only thing that kept me there was the guys. I switched over to a different high school by 11th grade and this is where I met my “bestest” friend Ali. I experienced a lot of crazy shit with that girl, we did everything together for 3 years, drinking and partying all the time, I have some unforgettable memories with her. I ended up switching to 2 different high schools by the time I reached my senior year

My Senior year I lived with a girlfriend, and got a job at a nursing home as a dietary aid. I loved working with the old men and ladies, this 80yr old man would ask me to marry him for 10,000 dollars, every time he saw me, I wish I would have done it lol, I’m totally joking. After my senior year I didn’t feel like college was for me, so I got an apartment.

My new apartment was right above Ali’s new apartment. It was a blast for a while but got old when she wanted to party every night, I was drinking till 4 in the morning than waking up at 6am to go to work, and then party again. I think I spent a week total alone while I lived there, and I lived there for 6 months. I got a job cleaning for a cleaning service which happened to be where my mom and dad worked, it was good in the beginning when my parents had my back against my bitchy boss, but it started getting bad when my boss started manipulating my parents and trying to turn us all against each other. I ended up quitting and I decided to move to Minneapolis when I was 19 to get away from all the partying and to get a fresh start alone. I got a job waitressing, and cleaning at a hotel. Then, I decided I wanted to do some modeling and somehow ended up deciding to try out the industry and moved to California. And here I am. Now that I’m here, I really want to go to college, and in the near future have my own production company, and maybe a agency.

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